31 1/2 hours

and still lots to do.  can’t even begin to be funny.

apparently a11 was holding out for us to be the wrong kind of crazy, because when she asked us if we passed and we said, “yes” she broke down, weeping and gnashing of teeth broke down.

2 thoughts on “31 1/2 hours

  1. Grieving is never fun or funny but, so part of life I
    think it was just part of A11
    acceptance. It is a good thing or at least better than in a airplane? hang in there
    not long you will be on the plane and can just sit and relax well relax as much as you can on a 15 hour flight. The last couple days always the hardest.
    Can’t believe it is time for you to go!

  2. Oh golly, poor kid. Still it’ll be okay….in the end. Tell her I’m sorry she’s not crazy 😉

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