i don’t have time for this…

if you’re thinking it’s blogging, she doesn’t have time for blogging. you’re right – but that’s not what i’m talking about. what i’m talking about when i say i don’t have time for this is found in the following tale.

we have nothing in the house for the kids to take for lunch – at least nothing proper. we could send pudding, lots of pudding, and a frozen pork loin, but as other moms know, sometimes it’s all about appearances. so, i have to go to the grocery store. now, i’ll admit, i’m a bit out of it, somewhat distracted. and when the man chased me down to tell me i had hit his truck with my door. i figured i guess i could have. so i follow him out to his now damaged truck to see just what i’ve done. and i see nothing. not.a.ding. but because i’m in a hurry and frazzled and now broken i say whatever and give him all my info. and call bh. so off i go to get what i came to the store for. as i’m checking out bh calls back and says i should get a picture of it, you know in case this guy turns out to be not so honest for documentation. i leave the store, go out and the guy is still sitting in his truck. i open my car door as far as it will go flip open my cell phone to take a high quality picture and guess what… yep, you got it, my door doesn’t stretch that far. now, since i can’t download the pic off my phone, i’ve substituted the next best thing. let’s pretend that winey’s five yr old monster, bubba, drew this picture.


see, this is definitive proof that that guy was not very nice. after he noticed me taking the picture, he gets out of his truck – if you’ll notice he drives a truck made by/for dodo – to find out what i’m doing. i tell him taking a picture. i was originally taking it for documentation of the massive damage i had caused, but now it was just proof that i didn’t do it!!! and not only that, i don’t have time for this! and for those of you who can see the damage – bubba only put that x there and labeled it ding because that’s where the nice man kept insisting it was.

but on an up note, one of my tasks for the day was to locate luggage and look what i found…


and now, i must get busy. cuz bh made me a to do list. and i’m not even gonna depress you with a picture of it.

3 thoughts on “i don’t have time for this…

  1. Oooooh, stylish case, I’m officially pink with envy! I’m glad he didn’t hit you or anything, never can tell these days.

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