haiku friday: no turning back

january 10th
trade cold air in for tropics
no turning back now

so much still to do
keep, toss or give away
fly lady taught well

free for the taking
but you must haul it away
our life on craigslist

still need a realtor
carpets to clean or replace
this house must get clean

we’ll do what we can
we cannot do anymore
that will be enough

goodbyes must be said
these moments will not return
what have i forgot?

we head to thailand
say bye to colorado
january 10th

6 thoughts on “haiku friday: no turning back

  1. I can’t believe it is almost time to say goodbye, I am not sure I can, I will miss you
    so much, we are praying for you in these last few days make sure you take time to
    take it all in and enjoy and treasure last memories.
    I love you,

  2. Wow. That will be some move you are undertaking. What an exciting adventure!

  3. Not the right place to say everything so I plan to send a letter! You will be so missed as you are a true friend the best Ive ever had. The person who has been through it all with me and always knew what to say or not say! i know you will have a great time in your new home. we will pray for you all on the journey and cant wait to hear all about it! love you always dear friend- C

  4. This one is my favorite:

    “goodbyes must be said
    these moments will not return
    what have i forgot?”

    Makes me a bit teary.
    It’s odd because I know I ought not rub in the fact that even although you’re moving, MY relationship with you (and I do think e-relationships have a place in reality) will not be changing all that much. Plus, we’ve just met. I’m excited for you – sad for what you’ll be temporarily giving up – happy for what you’ll be gaining, etc.

    Meanwhile, I feel for Trish and Graham Prouty and your parents and of course and especially our dear “W” (Dee). . . you & bh & the kids are obviously truly vibrant players in your community — good friends to many — and I know you will be deeply missed. I can tell that just from the e-space we all share.

    On the other hand, I know everyone is excited for you. The brave and wonderful step you & your family are taking will be enhancing and inspiring all of our lives. And these relationships will transcend the time & space.

    Okay – enough chardonnay induced talk from the west. Thanks for taking the time to Haiku today, sweet M.

  5. I am glad your going so far away. Now I get Mom and Dad all to myself. I will have two rooms dedicated to me by the time you get back!!!!! 😛

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