earth at perihelion day – Jan. 2, 2008


the earth’s sun

“around sunset tonight, u.s. time, you will be as close to the sun as you will be for all of 2008. earth will be at perihelion – from greek words “peri” meaning near, and “helios” meaning sun.

what’s more, tomorrow morning the moon will be at apogee. apo = farthest. gee = earth. The moon will be farthest from Earth tomorrow morning.”*

*i found this information here.

so, why do i tell you this? well, bh and i have been having this heated debate educated discussion for, well, 5 1/2 years. ever since we moved from 430 ft. (dallas, texas) to over 6,000 ft. (colorado springs, colorado). see, i think the air is thinner and the sun hotter because we are closer to the sun. he says it’s because we are at a higher altitude. i agree with him, but he thinks i’m dead wrong. even when i argue that a higher altitude has to mean we’re closer to the sun. i mean, when you’re at 430 ft. you’re more than 5,570 ft. lower than you are at over 6,000 ft. which to me says your more than 5,570 ft. closer to the sun at over 6,000 ft. – which is more than one mile closer to the sun – for those of you who do metric that’s over 1.6 kilometers. this is just another convincing argument that only one adult in my family could even possibly be smarter than a fifth grader.

and don’t try to get all fancy with that thinner atmosphere argument. cuz if we weren’t at a higher altitude we wouldn’t be closer to the sun and the atmosphere wouldn’t be thinner.

One thought on “earth at perihelion day – Jan. 2, 2008

  1. Well, after much thought and research I think…oooooh look at the big shiny sun! 😉

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