please, please, please buy our junk

how many moving sales can one move require? well, when you’re selling it all most everything – a lot. and what better time to have a moving sale than the holidays? i mean, when you’ve got stuff like this…


and this…

oh, and look at this…

now, surely there is something here you could use


and the pièce de résistance…


it’s an egg separator… can’t believe you didn’t know that. the whites of the egg drip out of his nose – most appetizing.

why aren’t people beating down the door to buy this stuff??

8 thoughts on “please, please, please buy our junk

  1. If I had the financial power of Oprah (or God), I’d email you today with the message, “How much for the whole lot?” And then I’d wire that plus 15% directly into your account. I’d make the 15% higher, except I know that you & bh wouldn’t stand for it. You’re not greedy.

    Then I’d pay a crew to come pack up everything and deliver it to people nearby with the greatest need. Then I’d find a family who needed a home and have them move in after you were safely abroad.

    Oh – except I’d save the egg separator for my nephew. It sounds like something he’d have fun with. Yuck!

  2. That egg separator made me want to barf.

    Gosh isn’t it amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years. I came to the states with literally a suitcase and now I have an entire apartment full of stuff – it would be very difficult to pack up and just move back to the UK instantly.

    Good luck with it all Monica – thinking of you.

  3. I read of your change from afar and I experience my best friend’s change up close. They are doing the same — shedding almost everything and moving to New Zealand. I’d go and tag some of your stuff. Maybe not the egg separator.

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