why are we doing this: part deux

for why are we doing this – the original post – go here

bh and i have been talking alot about this move the past few days.  everyone wants to know about it – so lots of the exact same questions which means lots of the exact same answers.  and that’s a good thing.  it makes us think about it all.  this move has caused an amazing amount of stress in our lives.  at times it feels impossible.  things keep getting thrown at us and it’s just so unfair – there seems to be so much unknown information and the last minute hurdles that keep coming our way – how will we ever do this?  it’s possible we’re only three weeks away – we have one last hurdle to clear before we know anything for sure – three weeks that seems impossible. 

but the funny thing is while we’re scared, overwhelmed and stressed – we don’t know everything and there’s so much to be done – we feel right about this.  we know it’s what we’re supposed to be doing, we have confidence that we’re doing what God wants us to do, and that makes all the other stuff seem so minor.  it makes it easier to be excited about this move. 

you know what else is interesting about all the people we’ve talked to?  their reactions.  who will be dumbfounded and think we’ve gone off our rockers and who will be over the top supportive?  i bet 75% of the time we’re wrong in our assumptions about what reaction people will have.  we should have figured that one out by now, it’s been true from the beginning.

4 thoughts on “why are we doing this: part deux

  1. I think I was a surprise for you. I’m behind you rockers or not. Only wish the best and send all my love. Can’t wait to come see you all.

  2. I admire you both for making this tremendous change in your lives & in the lives of your children. What an amazing adventure!

    I’m also assuming you’ll be keeping up your blog from overseas & that makes me happy. No good byes here, right?

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