amarillo by morning…

okay, really it was amarillo by midnight, but i can’t pass up a good lyric.

we’ve made it to amarillo. the roads were fine, no sign of that 40 car pile up from yesterday. tomorrow we finish the trek to dallas.

when i booked our hotel i forgot one wee little thing – and yes, i know “wee little” is redundant, but i’m doing it for effect – we have a dog with us. and since i didn’t provide that information when i booked the hotel didn’t mention that they have a no pet policy. so, in to a bag went gizzy and up the stairs. very stealth like. he’s a Christmas present for my older brother, so we had to bring him. and when we return to colorado we will be dog-less for our remaining weeks in the states.

i’m hoping we get on the road early, but i’m also hoping for lots and lots of sleep. one of those things ain’t gonna happen.

3 thoughts on “amarillo by morning…

  1. ok is this what they do , put you under this kind of pressure then wait til the last minute and have you go to counseling to see how you FEEL about it . I don’t know if that is fair ! God is still in control!
    praying with you,

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