chiang mai – day 4

it turns out big ears are believed to be good luck here. we had been told that and it has now been confirmed. oh, and we have also learned that it really isn’t rude to call someone fat here, either. bh, was stopped by a man on the sidewalk who grabbed his earlobe, gave it a good rub and then commented – oh, how lucky he must be and this same lovely gentleman asked where we were from and when we said colorado, he said, “oh, big mountain must be good place for big man” and then gestured very widely with his arms. and as good and funny as that is – when he commented on me – it.was.not.funny. at all. so, now added to my to do list – is lose weight. okay, so maybe it’s always been on my to do list, but now it’s priority a #1. right now i’m thinking that might be easy to do, because it is just too hot to eat – but i know that won’t last forever.

so today we saw another house. it was a perfectly fine house, maybe not as big as we would like and it was on the far other side of town as the school, so not the house for us. we also did a bit of window shopping. checking the prices on things to get an idea of what it will cost to set up house – this was very encouraging. next we need to prioritize what we will need first. tv or pots and pans. can you guess which one of us is rooting for what?

2 thoughts on “chiang mai – day 4

  1. *snort*
    Is it rude to punch someone in the nose? I would of found out for sure! I’d vote tv too, food must be cheap there, eat out loads xxxx

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