chiang mai – day one

house hunting and the night market

first house hunting. we didn’t get off to a great start. i think possibly our realtor had some misconceptions about what we might be looking for because we’re americans. but these were small, cookie cutter houses. they felt like something you might find in any city, anywhere. sort of plain, non-descript, not what we had imagined. then she took us to see two that we liked. big enough for our family, every one can have there own bedroom – well, each of the kids can, i still have to share with bh. a nice kitchen and trees. plenty of shade from trees. i miss trees. we meet with the school on monday and will hopefully be able to come up with a time line after that.

the night market is huge. we saw just a fraction of it. i couldn’t go anymore – i think the no-sleep situation has caught up with me. but we will go back another evening this week. there is tons of stuff. lots of it is traders village-y, but we did find a few places where things seemed to be made here.

today was a nice day, tomorrow we have nothing planned until after lunch. so i can sleep in.

4 thoughts on “chiang mai – day one

  1. I read the update to your last post – and thought Wow! Wow! Wow!

    I’m so glad that you get to have a day of rest. You’ve earned it. It must be really good to have finally met up with bh.

    After the many months of having vague notions of these places exist only in your imagination, perhaps it’s a little bit of a relief to see them first hand.

    You are inspiring me to make an adventure. We have a poster of Singapore up in the apartment with the intention of making sure we go there some day. Reading about you out in the world is making the idea more real for me. Thank you, M.

  2. I’m feeling really selfish right now! I need you to come home and stay here with me!!Whine whine whine

    A10 says she is terribly excited about her new room!

  3. Hey! So glad you arrived safely! Thought I would share a funny that will make you laugh, we are in Mexico, home on Mon, call on sun, water heater busted, downstairs completly soaked, wanted new floors not the way we plannned.,,Billys mom took charge and is meeting the adjuster tomorrow, however she did say that we will be in shock when we see the house 5 days before christmas! Only to us would this happen!~ Love you all and glad you found some houses!

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