just thinkin’ about tomorrow

My parents made it in last night – they had a long, exhausting drive and it seems that perhaps I keep the house a wee bit chilly – my mom even offered to pay our gas bill. Maybe I could set it above 61, even if it’s just a tad bit above.


That was last night – tomorrow I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again – okay, I’ll be back in about a week, but I like the lyric, and have a bit of a John Denver crush. Where am I going? To Thailand, of course – that’s right, I’m heading out on an expedition, a learning expedition. So, you know what happened yesterday and what’s gonna happen tomorrow – wanna know what’s happenin’ today? It involves another lyric – this is the last day of our acquaintance – and it goes out to my job… woo, hoo!! Is the rest of the song applicable? Not so much. And in all fairness, the job has been a good one and I’ve greatly enjoyed the people I work with and it turns out high school students aren’t all that scary. But, it seems the timing of my reentry into the workforce wasn’t the best. To be fair, this is the first time I’ve really worked, like full time worked, in over a decade. And within a few weeks of getting this job bh got his new job and we discovered we were gonna be moving to Thailand in July. And then a few short months later we find out it’s not really gonna be July – it’s gonna be January. I think that qualifies for a pretty full plate – so it’s probably more that I’m relieved to be getting something off my plate and it just so happens that my job is a pretty big something to be offloading. So, again, I say, “Woo, hoo!”

*The caps are in honor of my dad – the Popsicle (no pun intended, okay, yes it was intended) in the picture.

5 thoughts on “just thinkin’ about tomorrow

  1. Last day of work!! yahoo!!!! i hope you are proud of yourself you should be, you did a great job please let folks know i am here if they need anything have a great trip
    love you!

  2. You know-bh’s new job has opened doors on a couple of your big fears: All those shots before and now all those take offs and landings. I know the whole shots thing had been overcome so who knows?!?!?!?

  3. Congrats on wrapping up the job.

    But most importantly, good luck on the expedition. I’m so excited for you.
    Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    xoxx R

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