the coolest christmas song evah

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh… i did it. i put a youtube video on my blog and raised my Christmas cred by about 80 kajillion million. look at me go – i’ve got mad youtube skilz.

i debated and debated over the live aid version or the band aid video and as cool as the live aid version is, there’s no boy george, so the video it is.

i must say that after watching the video a few times – okay, really all it took was seeing a young paul young, and a young simon le bon, and a young sting, oh, and bono as a baby (you get the picture) – i really, really, really feel old. and i refuse to believe it has been over 20 years since this song came out. no way, jose.

and maybe it’s not so very Christmas-y to complain, i must – you can only get the bandaid version of this song from itunes if you purchase the entire now that’s what i call christmas album. i mean really, $16.99? and all i want is this one fantastic song? and while this song is entirely worth the price, i refuse to buy it on principle – oh, yeah, and i have no desire to let any Christmas song brit-brit sings cross the internet ocean onto my mac. i love and respect pippin far too much – how dumb is that, actually used my computer’s name.

10 thoughts on “the coolest christmas song evah

  1. They look so young & yet they were over the pop hill at the time: Boy George was done; Duran Duran was done; Sting was already solo. What an odd perspective to see it now from so far “into the future”.

    “Christmas cred” — LOL! Good one.

  2. Okay, I got my dates a little mixed up (it’s what old ladies, like me, do) Duran Duran wasn’t done quite yet, I suppose.

    Now I’m all sad because The Police broke up.

  3. ruth – whew – i thought we were gonna have a smack down of the you take that back variety.

    and i probably should be embarrassed to admit this, but i have never quite recovered from the Wham! break up. oh, andrew ridgeley where are you? i loved you so much; i bought your solo album and going against the advice of friends, walked around singing your song, shake, constantly.

  4. LOL! I do have have friends who know music far better than I do who feel the way you do about Wham! Again with the cred, CS! 🙂

  5. “Tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” that part always confused and upset me a little as a kid.

    The Band Aid version was far superior to the Live Aid version but that’s me with my UK biased!

    Wow watching that video is like seeing a bunch of old school friends you haven’t seen in years.

    Incidentally next year in England there is a massive 80s reunion tour.. perhaps we should all go. LOL.



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