Christmas time is almost here

okay – i just realized that i titled this Christmas time is almost here and that is an absolutely stupid title – Christmas time is here… right now, like we’re livin’ it.  it’s Christmas itself that is almost here.  duh.

what… almost here, like how here is almost here? 10 days. hmmm… i’ve done nothing. not one gift, not one card. this is the first time i’ve even thought of gifts or cards. i wish i could say i was boycotting the consumerism of the holidays – hey, i can say that. i can say it and i will say it. will i mean it? does it matter? i’m just looking for an excuse. and this excuse means i can look at all those people out there who have finished all their shopping with disdain and accuse them of being all about the gifts and caring nothing about the holiday – totally masking the envy that is simmering just below the surface. ha, maybe this will be the best Christmas ever.

oh, wait, i seem to be selling myself short. i have decorated. i’ve gone over the top decorating my blog. pat myself on the back. pat, pat, pat.

9 thoughts on “Christmas time is almost here

  1. Lol at you being Clarke Griswald. Maddy got him too. I SO wanted the Grinch but hubby got that. I ended up with Charlie Brown…whats with that??
    Oooooh, I boycott too!!!

  2. I am with you.. although I have brought the cards and addressed them now I just have to write and pay the small fortune to send them to the UK. Next year I am going to send ecards and make a donation to charity on what I would have spent on real cards.

    Your blog looks really nice.

  3. what’s the fun if your aren’t running like crazy! Three years ago my dad, had a heart attack the week before Christmas to be followed by surgery. We spent Christmas in the hospital and waited till he got home to have Christmas. I found out that year how little my kids and family really cared about gifts! Your family will just be happy to have you all there!

    Happy shopping!

  4. Don’t worry about it….I’m not! No decorating has happened, no cards have been purchased. Very few gifts have been ordered, yes, ordered. So I wouldn’t worry, you are not alone!

  5. I don’t do cards.. I totally use my ‘global nomad’ thing and just don’t do .. you know…culturally confused! 🙂 It works for me.

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