the big announcement

what was going to be the best ever moving sale – the one where we sold everything we own that didn’t sell or walk away last week for gobs and gobs and oodles and oodles of money – isn’t happening. instead it’s icy and snowy and cold. it is somewhat of a mixed blessing. while slowing some progress in the getting rid everything we own and way more than we need area i now have the opportunity to straighten the house up – my parents get here tuesday – and i can reorganize the stuff we still need to get rid of.

so, i know i ku’d about a big announcement yesterday, but i might have been a bit misleading. i mean, there was a big announcement, but it wasn’t of a personal nature. but it was amazing, wonderful and one of those nice completion type of things. i’m on the board of directors at my kids’ school – a k-8 core knowledge charter school, where the middle school just received the john j. irwin school of excellence award – an honor awarded to only the top 8% of schools in the entire state – a school i love dearly and will miss greatly when we’re gone. anyway, we’ve been having facility struggles, buildings are expensive to build or to buy and since we get no brick and mortar funding and grant money for that type of thing is almost nonexistent it has to all come out of our ppr (per pupil revenue) and as a charter we don’t get 100% of it. our charter authorizer gets to keep some to do their stuff. anyway, we bought the building we have been in for the last 3 years. here’s where streamers should be flying, horns should be blown, champagne should be flowing. we got to announce it to our families yesterday as they picked up their kids from school. and then we had a wee celebration last night. i can’t even begin to explain how fantastically, wonderfully amazing this is, i mean like really, really amazing, totally.

and now i must do stuff, get stuff done, get moving.

here are some pictures, i think you’ll see why i love, love, love this building.

the back of the school


another shot of the back


when i find a picture of the front i will add it. the front looks similar to the top photo of the back.

4 thoughts on “the big announcement

  1. You are a big part of why that school is great! thanks for intoducing us to it! yipee our own building!!!!

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