haiku friday

this week we have a return to our normal friday programming… and we start with the announcement of the winner from two weeks ago…

this one goes to toni… i’m thinking there are probably others out there with a mother-in-law who might be able to relate to this one.

Why can’t you let go?
I wanted to love you, too
You did not love back

I married your son
I carried his two children
You are most welcome

so, now for this weeks topic… how about any big weekend plans you might have. if you need help, it’s waiting for you here.

starting the weekend
a big announcement to make
then celebration

moving sale day two
hope we get what we’re asking
and all of it sells

saving my best junk
for white elephant party
bringing nothing home

morning of worship
leave all worries at the door
a time to recharge

planning a long nap
what better way to enjoy
the end of weekend

what do yo have planned for the weekend?

9 thoughts on “haiku friday

  1. Why thank you for crowning me winner from two weeks ago. I am most surprised!

    A snow day today
    No shopping or cleaning now
    Entertaining kids

    Saturday: party
    She is turning eight Sunday
    Five girls, cake, ice cream

    Birthday and church, too
    Celebration all around
    Time to honor two

  2. An announcement & a celebration??
    I hope you blog about !!

    Now for my haiku:

    Andy makes latkes
    His dear Grammy’s recipe
    I can’t wait to eat.

  3. I can relate to the first one. I haven’t spoken to my MIL in two years. Actually, it’s been quite nice.

  4. A shepherd’s story
    Saturday-two hour practice.
    Sunday perform twice.

    quick lunch then off to
    roller skating for monsters
    then wine for mommy!

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