moving right along

i am making progress, really, i am –

  • 5 work days left and counting – not that i’m counting
  • i listed all my furniture on craig’s list and i have received many emails asking about most of it
  • shots, we’re getting them. we got our second set yesterday. one set to go. and now only have to spend the next 10 days worrying about one of us going into anaphylactic shock.
  • second garage sale is this saturday – i’m thinking maybe at least some of the furniture will be gone by then – and i’m gonna keep my eyes out (and the airsoft rifle at the ready) for those old men.
  • we’re almost sure of what we’re taking and what we’re not taking
  • i’ve got a trip to chiang mai scheduled. i leave a week from tomorrow

and life is still happening…

  • going to work everyday
  • got some pretty big board projects going on at the kids’ school
  • the kids are still getting to school
    • with lunches packed
    • in clean uniforms – well, mostly clean and belts are sometimes on
    • homework done
    • with teeth brushed – at least 1/4 of the time
    • bathed/showered – at least not stinky
  • everyone is eating
  • dishes are done
  • the dog is getting fed
  • i remember to pick the kids up from school
  • music lessons are still happening
  • birthday parties are being attended
  • finger and toenails are trimmed
  • warts are treated
  • medications are remembered
  • church is attended
  • sleep is happening

so, maybe the house isn’t the cleanest. but i’m thinking everything will sell and then cleaning will be somewhat of a non-issue. and maybe the boys aren’t wearing underwear, but – come on now – it’s not noticeable unless they tell you.

and i do have some successes – we’re all mostly clean, dressed, fed and not constipated. see, it’s all good.

and speaking of constipation – i have a little story to share that is absolutely unrelated to this post – it began over thanksgiving, in tx.

thanksgiving evening s8 comes from the back bedroom into the living room and he’s very, very distraught. it seems he was holding onto a few marbles – in the most logical place, his mouth – and swallowed one. he was most certain that something bad, bad, bad was going to happen. it took awhile but i was able to convince him that the marble would pass – and eventually even said it with a straight face.

… fast forward 30 hours or so, we’ve flown home… conversation between s8 and me.

s8, coming out of the bathroom, “mom, i think the marble is out.”

me, “you do, why?”

s8, “well, i went poo and it went ping, ping, ping…”

me, “good job.”

now, i have no idea whether taking 30 hours to pass a marble is a sign of good or bad bowel health. if it’s bad, don’t go looking at that as a good reason to question my mothering. my delicate psyche can’t take it right now.

3 thoughts on “moving right along

  1. You are down right organized! . . . . Glad to hear that these days (marbles & all) are passing painlessly. (Bad pun!) There’s a haiku in this, I know it.

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