i’ve been cured

i’m in the process of getting every chemical known to man – and maybe a few that have just been made up – injected into my body. this has included a tb test – we all (me, bh, c13, a10 and s8) got the tb test – now in my entire life the most exotic place i’ve ever been to is canada. the kids have been as far as texas. bh has not only been to canada, but nigeria and a good deal of asia – you know, all the well known tb breeding grounds.

we go have our results read. everyone’s clear, looks great, oh, wait, but me. i have a reaction. of course i do. it’s all those high risk places i frequent. the nurse says, “call the health department! get a chest x-ray! STAT!” i go into all out panic mode – begin having difficulty breathing and start coughing blood and these symptoms appear while i’m leaving a message for the health department. i wait for a return call…

i wait…

i wait…

i infect all 320 teenagers and the 20 or so adults i work around.

i’m a pariah.

they call me back. i’ve packed my stuff; i’m ready to be quarantined. the nurse from the health department gets all my information and then i discover she has secret powers. she tells me, “oh, we wouldn’t even consider that a positive reaction. you don’t need a chest x-ray, you’re fine.”

and you know what, i’m cured. healed.

a miracle.

6 thoughts on “i’ve been cured

  1. It is great that you don’t have to go through the tb thing. My sister is on medication for the next 9 months because she had the reaction. They did the chest x-ray and everything. No fun!

    And btw, no you know what your brother and I went through in boot camp. We got shots like that. Also, no fun! When you leaving?

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