time sure flies when you’ve got nothin’ to say…

here they are – my 100th post and 100 things about me.

  1. i’m a child of God
  2. i’m a daughter
  3. i’m a twin
  4. i have two brother’s – an older and a twin, who’s younger
  5. i’m a wife
  6. i’m a granddaughter
  7. i’m a niece
  8. i’m an aunt
  9. i’m a friend
  10. i want to be sure i come up with 100 things
  11. i met my husband in high school
  12. we double dated
  13. we weren’t each other’s dates
  14. we did this on more than one occasion
  15. i’m a mom
  16. i have 3 kids
  17. all were born by c-section
  18. orange is my favorite color
  19. i don’t look good in orange
  20. pink is my favorite color to wear
  21. it used to be green
  22. i look good in pink
  23. i know how to hang drywall
  24. i don’t like white walls
  25. i used to do things because i thought i was supposed to
  26. i try not to do that anymore
  27. i can knit
  28. i enjoy knitting
  29. i can scrapbook
  30. i can stamp
  31. i don’t enjoy scrapbooking or stamping
  32. i no long scrapbook or stamp
  33. when i was a kid i wanted to be laura ingalls
  34. i’m a bit of a clutz
  35. i broke my foot at the grocery store
  36. i always eat what i like the least on my plate first
  37. my favorite food is chicken ‘n’ dumplins
  38. my favorite dessert is banana puddin’
  39. my favorite meal is breakfast – but not chicken n dumplins and banana puddin’ for breakfast
  40. i hate the sound of other people chewing
  41. i only write on paper left handed
  42. i do everything else right handed
  43. my left thumb is double jointed
  44. i have no saliva glands in my tongue
  45. i have no nerve endings in the tip of my tongue
  46. i am passive aggressive
  47. i know i should change that
  48. i’m a purple belt in tae kwon do
  49. i grew up in texas
  50. i moved to colorado 5 years ago
  51. i’ve never been skiing
  52. i’m moving to thailand soon – real soon
  53. i’m looking forward to moving to thailand
  54. i’m a little freaked because we’re moving to thailand
  55. i’m not afraid to try new things
  56. i’ve been to canada twice
  57. i’m going to visit thailand in december
  58. i’ve never seen a james bond movie
  59. i’ve never seen a monty python movie
  60. my favorite movies are the princess bride and when harry met sally
  61. my first concert was wham!
  62. the best book i’ve read in a long time is peace like a river by leif enger
  63. i love Christmas carols
  64. 8 hours is not enough sleep
  65. i love the smell of bread baking
  66. i have a caffeine addiction
  67. i am working for the first time in over a decade
  68. my last day at work is december 12
  69. i have a tattoo
  70. i can be very stubborn
  71. i am optimistic
  72. i am a rule follower
  73. i don’t like confrontation
  74. lyndon baines johnson was no longer (thanks winey)  president when i was born
  75. i was three when richard nixon resigned
  76. i was six when gerald ford’s presidency ended
  77. when i was 10 jimmy carter’s presidency ended
  78. i was 18 when reagan’s term ended
  79. bush 41’s term ended when i was 22
  80. i didn’t vote for ross perot in 1992, but it was the first election i voted in
  81. bill clinton was president until i was 20
  82. i’ll be 38 when bush #43’s term ends.
  83. from age 14 – 19 george bush was my governor
  84. i’m a capricorn
  85. i was born in the year of the dog
  86. i live at 7000 feet
  87. i am human
  88. i am not quite skinny
  89. i don’t have a beard
  90. i think my nose is normal size
  91. i went to see wham! in concert
  92. i can play – or used to be able to play – the viola
  93. i am not the best at prioritizing
  94. i have had 2 heat strokes
  95. i have a left foot
  96. i have right foot
  97. i have a left arm
  98. i have had my eyebrows waxed
  99. my mom insisted suggested i have it done
  100. it hurt really bad

6 thoughts on “time sure flies when you’ve got nothin’ to say…

  1. You & bh are swingers!!! I NEVER would have guessed!! 🙂

    And re: Laura Ingalls, I’m so with you. I think my original lesson on how to pray came from watching Little House on the Prairie; it could have been worse, right?

    Congratulations on your 100th post!! I’m SOO grateful for your blog, m’dear!

  2. Pretty interesting stuff. So what is up with the mouth?

    We have lots of things in common. I have twin daughters that are almost 16 (God help us all). I can scrapbook but don’t really enjoy it anymore either. I’ve lived all my life in Texas except for a few months when we moved to Colorado when I was a child and I love chicken and dumplings and banana pudding too 🙂

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