knock, knock. who’s there?


my replacement. i know, i know, you guys all thought i was an original. don’t try to flatter with me, with, “but no one could replace you.” cuz i’m so ready to be replaced i can’t even see straight.

i got to work today, feeling a little drained and walk in the door and there she stands, the most amazing person in the entire world (at least where my job is concerned). spent all day training her, discovered i’m not all that great of a teacher – really, i already knew that – i’m too impatient (seems to be somewhat of a theme in my life right now) and managed to spend quite a few moments envisioning her doing my job with me nowhere around.

while there are lots and lots of places i like to consider my self irreplaceable work isn’t one of them – take my place; the sooner the better!

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