not all that silent sunday


this is obviously a map of most of the state of colorado. i only need the circled part for my demonstration.


this part – i know it’s much more colorful than map i’m saying it came from

our trip began as our moving sale ended. c13 had to be at a birthday party in divide at 4p. we already knew we were gonna be late, and that was before someone bought a bed at the moving sale and we said we’d deliver it. after dropping off the bed we get on the road. we’re driving along and as we get higher and higher the weather gets worse and worse. a snow plow goes by us headed the other way and splashes our windshield with slushy, muddy muck and that’s when i discovered i was out of windshield wiper fluid. i go as long as i can and when it gets too hard to see – conveniently – there’s a starbucks, so i pull over – that’s stop #1. i happen to be in what seems to be the friendliest place in the world for the homeless. the firefighters are going up and down the street – and it’s not really a street is a highway – lighting fires in trash cans and the homeless of this city are gathering around. i get myself a lovely warm caffeinated triple venti gingerbread latte and a really, really big water. get back to the car and pour a little water on my windshield. and again we’re off. we’re driving along – c13 has fallen asleep – i’m enjoying my coffee and listening to Christmas music when something feels odd, like maybe i’m lost. so, i pull into a gas station (stop #2), wash my windshield off, and ask directions. of course, i’ve gone too far. so we turn around and head back to divide, where X marks the spot, back where i should have turned to begin with. i find the house, drop off c13, – this is s#3 – head back to the car, pour a little more of that starbucks water on the windshield and start out of the driveway. i get back out of the car, knock on the door and ask for help. i’m stuck – can’t get out of the driveway. so mr. dad of the birthday boy pushes my van out of the driveway with his suv and off i go. i’m doing great until i get to #4, where the highway is closed because they are having a parade – it turns out this city isn’t really all that friendly to the homeless, they are just trying to keep their citizens warm so they can enjoy the parade. and i’m now taking a detour to who knows where. i go where the police direct me, make a stop to pour some more water on my windshield (that’s #5), and manage to be directed back to the highway (#6) and feel pretty certain i will make it home. i make two more water pouring stops (#7 & #8) and make it safely home. whew.

now i’ll be silent. cuz it’s sunday.

One thought on “not all that silent sunday

  1. Found you through Holidailies. I am born and raised in Bangkok, and am happy to answer any questions you might have. I am definitely going to keep reading your blog. 🙂

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