just take it

apparently naboplomo wasn’t enough for me – or maybe it’s just the success and amazing recognition i got for posting every single day in november – because now i’m gonna jump into holidalies 2007 with both feet. i’m even gonna take a vow.

holidailies participants solemnly vow to update their web sites daily from dec. 1 to jan. 1.


i do feel like a bit of a fraud. i know i won’t be able to update my web site daily from dec. 1 to jan. 1. about mid-month i’m gonna have to go dark (i’ve always wanted say that) because i’ll be in flight to thailand and once there i’m not sure what kind of internet access i’ll have. but i’m gonna do my best. wonder if i can find a ghost-post writer?? ~ thanks ruth for this new obsession addiction challenge.

*now for todays regularly scheduled post*


this picture was taking – at my front door – just moments before i rolled out of bed at 4:30am this morning.*

i might be a moving sale failure. okay, that’s a little harsh, but i know i let people basically walk away with things because i was frustrated. we didn’t sell any of the really big things, but honestly, i do think i did okay. and i still have all next saturday (right now, that sounds very depressing.)

now, i need everyone to do me a huge favor. look at the america’s top ten most wanted list and then look at the photo of that the photo of my moving sale guests. are any of them the same? because if i’ve calculated correctly, and i probably have missed something(s), we had somewhere between $100 and $150 worth of tools stolen – oh, and a bike or two. oh, and a10’s bag of pecans – that she was eating!! no, i’m not joking.

the beginning of the garage sale was frustrating – we had several people come through – specifically i’m talking about 6 of them – who were men. they were all asking me questions about lowering my price and all asking them at the very same time. i think some things disappeared at this time. and i know that during this whole time i was frustrated and confused, which caused me to make some very, very bad deals. while this was going on i probably had 20 people roaming through my house – rummaging through the cabinets that i clearly and repeatedly said there was nothing for sale in – all trying not to wake my three sleeping children. at one time someone came out with my whusthof knife block and asked if i’d take $10 for it – you know the knife block that is in one of those cabinets where there is nothing for sale – so i taped all the cabinets shut and went about business – and, no, i didn’t sell the knife block. i think i may have sold a few things that bh had put away, but just a few. and my favorite thing today, the kids were helping me in the house and by days end they had sold all, well almost all, the pots and pans. if it can’t be cooked in a very small pot or a big skillet then i can’t cook it and that’s just too bad, because i only have one of each.

all in all – at last count – we’d made somewhere around $1k. and we still have all the big things and tons and tons of little things.

*yes, i do know that saying both am and this morning is redundant. but the purpose of including both is for emphasis. i want all you people to be amazed that i was actually up and out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, the one that happens in the a.m.

6 thoughts on “just take it

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  2. Wow. That must be an unbelievably difficult thing to do. I think I would just sit down and cry and cry after a day like that! The stress, the enormity, the finality – you are one strong lady! Well done you!! xx

  3. I think you did a fantastic job of keeping it together. All in all very successful, especially considering that it was so insane somebody tried to buy Lullibell’s fuzzy princess jacket!

  4. Sounds like an incredibly hectic day! I say, “What thebeanbag said” – ditto!

    Welcome to Holidailies! I thought Wineymomma might decide to do it, but I never thought you’d take the vow! bh isn’t the only overachiever around! You know how I found out about it? B/c of YOU & NaBloPoMo – I was linked to Faboo & she started doing Holidailies. Oh the webs we weave.

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