what to do, what to do?

okay, once again i’m gonna drag out my handy dandy to do list… and no matter how it appears, i’m not dragging it out as evidence of the little i have gotten done. it’s for a comparison. i made this list when we first found out we were moving, way back when we were still going in july. bh has recently made his own version of our to do list.

here’s my take on it –

  1. get passports for me, tb, lb and ff.
  2. visas – paperwork complete
  3. figure out what to take and what not to take.
  4. sell a bunch of our stuff.
  5. find homes for the dogs. (we’ve got three, anyone want one?)
  6. get the house ready to sell – again. (it should be easier this time.)
  7. find a realtor.
  8. sell the house.
  9. get answers to our questions.
  10. find a school for the kids.
  11. find a place to live.
  12. pack.
  13. spend countless hours on the internet researching things i’m not sure about.

and now here’s what he came up with

  1. Get letter from work for kids’ school
  2. Get third Hepatitis shot
  3. Start family immunizations
  4. Meet with hr guy about compensation
  5. Take pictures of items to sell for Craig’s List
  6. Agree on prices for selling items
  7. Have kids clean out rooms for anything they want to sell
  8. Register kids for school
  9. Put large items on Craig’s List
  10. Advertise for garage sale
  11. Get a realtor in CO
  12. Book flight to Thailand for house-hunting
  13. Begin to practice Thai language
  14. Clean up back yard
  15. Replace carpet
  16. Put house on market
  17. Clean house for showing
  18. Tag merchandise for garage sale
  19. Hold garage sale
  20. Replace closet doors
  21. Fix ceiling fan in bedroom
  22. Fix ceiling fan in study
  23. Pull kids out of school in Colorado
  24. Visit doctor for sleep apnea referral
  25. Visit Chiang Mai and look for houses
  26. Clean cars out to prepare them to sell
  27. Visit specialist for sleep apnea test
  28. Sell her van
  29. Sell my van
  30. Change addresses
  31. Pack
  32. Get three month supply of medications
  33. Book flights to Thailand for family
  34. Ship items
  35. Attend multi-cultural classes
  36. Complete family vaccinations
  37. Sell house
  38. Get work visas

this just goes to show bh is an overachiever.

**updated to show the amazing progress that has been made on bh’s list.

7 thoughts on “what to do, what to do?

  1. Okay, are your heads spinning yet because mine is just reading the lists. You guys are brave to just jump in the water like this, the control freak I am would make me unbearable in your shoes!

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  3. Oh , it is so easy to make list! I can make them all day long, the hard part is to DO the list give your self a break you have been working full time and being a single mom for quite a while. i am amazed that you have been able to do all that! It is easy for all of us to stand on the outside and say what you should have done by now. You have done a good job of holding it all together. There is not only a lot to do but I am sure a lot of emotion in it also.
    Just one step at a time, You Rock, and you WILL get it all done.

  4. Hang in there, You Rock! One minute at a time, right? And then the next minute . . . one breath at a time . . .
    Congrats on giving notice at work. How did it feel?

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