no holiday day

today is one of the days with no holiday to celebrate. that’s right, no holiday. but i still have plenty to write about – because we’re moving in january; bh is home this week – yay – and we’re planning a garage sale for this weekend. well, i’ll be having the garage sale, but bh will be doing most of the work. his boss is letting him have a good deal of time off this week; that means he’ll be home during the day to get stuff ready and i’ll be at work. and because i have been so very, very lazy busy there’s alot for him to do. i feel really guilty about this, mainly because i have no excuse. and what did i get done on what should have been an extremely productive sunday afternoon? nada, nothing, that’s right – absolutely zilch. oh, but lay in bed with my leg iced and elevated.

i was headed out the door late saturday night to pick up bh from the airport. he’d missed his flight that morning and then was on standby for the next flight, but wasn’t able to get on that one; finally, he got on a flight and arrived 12 hours after he was originally supposed to be here. i only tell you this so you understand where the responsibility for all of this lies – i’m sure you will agree, it’s all bh’s fault. anyway, i was headed out the door and tripped over a cornice board. i know, i know, a cornice board doesn’t belong on the floor and i assure you that isn’t where i left it. i left it leaning against the wall. see, we got new windows 3 months ago so we had to get everything out of the way and i haven’t managed to get this one last cornice board back up. (i believe i mentioned that lately i’ve been suffering from a debilitating case of laziness – one that might only be cured by cattle prod.) apparently, the offending cornice board had been knocked over and not picked up. so, i tripped over it and went down hard on my left knee. now, it’s about the size of a small melon and sore. and has rendered me completely useless all day. (i think bh believes i’m faking it – he sees no swelling, just me, being lazy – again.) tomorrow i have to go to work – but i have given my notice…

my last day of work is december 12… woo hoo!

that leaves bh here alone during the day to sort and price and work, work, work. he’s so good, he’s amazing and will accomplish amazing feats this week. then the pressure is on me to sell, sell, sell… i’m actually hoping that the first person who comes in makes an astonishing offer for everything – the house and all the junk wonderful treasures inside. it could happen, no, really, it could.

oh yeah, and the day after i quit work guess what i’m doing? no, guess.

i get to go to thailand. i’ll have the opportunity to visit before we move – even if it is really only weeks before we move. it still counts.

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