international aura awareness day

yeah, it’s another holiday that can be all about me. but to be honest – i’m getting really tired of holidays. only a few more days in this month and i’m so close to a successful nablopomo that i.must.keep.going, i.can.not.stop. but i think it’s only fair to tell you that there are two days back to back this week that have no holiday. i will blog those days, i am committed and i can’t just phone it in so i’m gonna get to blog about what i want to without any limitations. i’ll probably blog about the progress of my transplantation. but for now, i’m gonna skool you about my aura*.

my aura. i think possibly definitely it’s passive aggressive. this might not be good for something as delicate as an aura, but it’s the truth and i couldn’t hide it if i wanted to. i know my aura is optimistic. there’s no such thing as a glass half full, it’s always a glass with more than enough to drink in it. it’s thin. that’s right i have a very thin aura. my aura can eat everything and not gain a pound. i wish i looked like my aura. but to love my aura is to love me, so it’s all good.

i also have another kind of aura**. migraine auras. i see things, sparkling, flashing lights in my eyes… this has happened for a long time. the doctor is the one that told me they were migraine auras. i didn’t get it. i’d never had a migraine – just auras. if only it had stayed that way.

*i don’t really believe in the new age aura kind of thing, it’s sort of like the tooth fairy and the easter bunny without the money or chocolate.

**but i do believe in the migraine aura kind of thing.

One thought on “international aura awareness day

  1. I have been having migraines for a few years now. They are not fun. Just give me a quiet, dark room and a few hours and I can usually beat one. But I have had them linger for days…there really isn’t any magic remedy.

    And speaking of holidays…I need to ask you something about a gift for one of your kiddos. PLEASE call me!

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