you’re most welcome

we’ll start with last weeks winner… how bout we all raise a great big glass of wine and toast wineymomma for her very deep haiku in honor of tolerance day… 

tolerance is a
walk down the center of a
busy four lane road.

and, if you haven’t figured it out yet – it’s haiku friday.  and while that alone is enough to make me want to haiku there’s even more.  it’s also you’re welcome day. so here’s a haiku to celebrate…

for all that i’ve done
even though you did not ask
you are most welcome

blinker was not on
but still i let you over
you are most welcome

you were short on cash
i bought you chocolate milk
you are most welcome

you were watching toons
i made the beds for you all
you are most welcome

wouldn’t let me on plane
i chose not to scream at you
you are most welcome

loud motorcycle
way too early, no police
you are most welcome

paid for car window
even though we di’nt break it
you are most welcome

tb spent the night
brought home a bug; we’re not mad
you are most welcome

mom and dad i chose
not to live with you always
you are most welcome

who deserves a great big you’re welcome from you?  and, of course, if you need haiku help look here.

7 thoughts on “you’re most welcome

  1. I love that series! And Wineymomma did a great job last week. What a concept. So, let’s see, a welcome poem from me.

    I have lived my life
    avenging wrongs against me,
    now, I let it be.

    I’ve keyed a car, egged
    some houses, stole some bushes,
    but never again.

    Inhale deep, exhale.
    No avenging, just being.
    You are most welcome.

    Stole your line to wrap it up. Please don’t key my car to get even with me.

  2. I love your series, there!! GREAT!

    I’ve forgiven you
    Now talk to you, here and there
    You are most welcome

    I cooked your dinner
    My first Thanksgiving meal, yes
    You are most welcome


  3. Why can’t you let go?
    I wanted to love you, too
    You did not love back

    I married your son
    I carried his two children
    You are most welcome

    There! That is my welcome poem; great series. Happy Haiku Friday!

  4. That was great! I had no idea it was Your Welcome Day

    Up with you at night
    You’re still doing short stretches
    You are most welcome

    I pick up for you
    Majorly clean your room still
    You are most welcome

    I stay up and wait
    till you come home late at night
    You are most welcome

  5. Sending you Winter
    for a truly white Christmas
    You are most welcome.

    I luff your new header, very relevant lol.

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