how do you say hello?

it’s world hello day…  

Cherokee: Oh-see-YOH 
Choctaw: Halito ( hah-leh-TOH)

English (America): Hello, Hi, ‘sup dawg
Fijian:Bula Bula
Hawaiian: Aloha 
Hebrew: Shalom 
Hoppy (kids language similar pig latin): hoppy e loppy loppy oppy
Irish Dia Dhuit (literally means God be with you)
Jibberish: Gello
Jitteritigiberigidish: Hidegelidigo ((hi-di-gel-idi-go))

Pig Latin: Ellohay

Sioux Indian: dakota (means hi friend)
Spanish: Hola, Buenos dias,
Swahili: Jambo  

Texan – and don’t try to tell me it ain’t a country 🙂 : howdy
Thai: sa-wa DEE

so, how do you say it?

8 thoughts on “how do you say hello?

  1. California: Hey! (pronounced – Haaaaaaaay)

    Hey! It’s so cool that you can post from your Thxgiving venue.
    I hope you’re having a great time.

  2. I see your little star glowing from Texas on my “Who’s among us” map. Soo cool! 🙂

    Yes – you’re the Nablopomo Queen…… you’re nearly there!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. konnichiha-japanese!

    I should have come to Texas with you!!!!!!!!!!

    My van is fine.

    Garth (trish’s brother) hoped the odometer cable was frozen (for my sake-I think this translates into $$$$$$$$$$).

    It was so-whew!?!?!

    Have a good evening!


  4. I haven’t been outside the continental United States since I was two years old… so all I got is “Hi” or when I get really crazy, “what’s up?”

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