okay, i think i will

we’re supposed to be in dallas. we were supposed to get in last night. but we missed our flight. we were 2 minutes late, yep, 2 minutes and they turned us away – crying lb and all. so now, we’re sitting at home. well, the kids are sleeping and i’m having difficulty sleeping – i just know i won’t wake up in time to be at the airport at 4:30 in the morning – no need to go back and reread that – i said 4:30 in the morning. don’t worry, i’ll do the math for you. my alarm should be going off at 3am – and i’ve arranged for a plan b – just in case the alarm doesn’t do it for me – my mom is gonna call me at 3am for an early morning chat – or perhaps she’ll just grunt at me. then i’ve got to get the kids up and, of course, they will be perfectly pleasant. if all goes as planned we’ll be out the door no later than 3:45am.

so, i’m sitting here thinking i’m having a very successful start to have a bad day day. did i mention we’ll be flying stand by?

update:  it’s currently 5:45 and we’re sitting in the airport waiting…. waiting… waiting…

 update 2:  we’re here, we’re here.  we got on the plane.  we were the only standby tickets to get on.  we did have to circle over d/fw airport for about 35 minutes because one of the towers was having communication difficulties, but we made it!

6 thoughts on “okay, i think i will

  1. I agree it will be worth it! Hope that you have time to visit at least for an hour, we are anxious to see you guys before the big move! I know time will be tight so we will be flexible. Let us know when you finally make it in, by the way I hear that the airport was not running well here as air traffic control had some issues this morning, you probably already heard!

  2. Okay-I have another theory as to why you couldn’t sleep!

    could it have been the adrenaline pumping through your bod after that fantastic car ride to the airport the first time!?!?!?!?!?

    We are amazing!!!

    gizmo is doing okay but Maverick scared him silly after only 5 minutes so it might be a long few days!

  3. By bedtime giz was curled up asleep on J’s bed and had completely forgotten that he was supposed to be terrified. We are having a sleep over tonight b/c we are supposed toget 3 in of ………………yep you guessed it ***SNOW***

    God help me!

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