suk san wan keut, bh

that means happy birthday in thai. aren’t you amazed at my mastery of my soon to be new tongue? okay, i did find it on a website that lists how to say happy birthday in 161 different languages. i would have written it using the actual thai alphabet, but i didn’t think you’d be able to read it – oh, and i don’t know the thai alphabet.

anyway, today’s celebration is bh’s birthday!! and the best i can do is say happy birthday, there will be no giving of gifts or eating of cake – but don’t go feeling sorry for him; bh doesn’t like cake and he is in thailand on his birthday. the biggest perk to being in thailand for your birthday? it starts 12 hours earlier there than it does here. woo hoo!

enjoy the rest of your birthday, bh. i love you. oh, yeah, and…


that is happy birthday in the actual thai alphabet. or it could say “let’s all make fun of the idiot who copies and pastes this text thinking it says happy birthday” either way, it’s all good.

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