i’m sure it’s meant to be something greater

but…. i think i’ve already established this blog is really all about me.

so even though it’s really called international day for tolerance i’m gonna celebrate everybody tolerate me day… and i’ll try to tolerate you.

so, let’s haiku

but, first i’m gonna give a big shout out to patios, because she actually wants santa to bring her something it’s somewhat difficult to live with out – even though it seems i’m makin’ it through without it…

Santa, you can help
by giving me what I lack:
My sanity back.


so, onto tolerating me…


day of tolerance

make allowances for me

conduct forgiven

if you need help it’s right here.



8 thoughts on “i’m sure it’s meant to be something greater

  1. I love the changing of the day to make it everybody tolerate you. And thanks for the shout-out. I know it’s a little early, but no sign that Santa will be bringing me that sanity I so desire.

  2. Happy Tolerance Day, my dear! I’m too far to “have to” tolerate you — but look how I RUN to your blog! Thank you for continuing to post. May all the humans in your circle tolerate you with the extra affection (or not) and tender loving care you deserve.

  3. As soon as you change
    to think, act and be like me
    I’ll tolerate you.

    Hay xxxx

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