i love to write

let’s hear it for my very own made up by me song… sung to i love to laugh, you know from mary poppins, you know the part where uncle albert floats to the ceiling… yeah, that’s the one. i knew you knew.

as an added bonus i have managed to very cleverly include the several 2007 holidays that could be celebrated today.

i love to write*
lots and long and vague
i love to write
it’s getting worse ev’ry post

the more I write
the more I fill with me
and the more of me
the better the topic will be
it’s embarrassing
the more i’m a merrier me!

some people write about bundt pans**
write they make a great cake
some people write about recycling***
clean the environment up

some write enough
some rarely blog
others they just ramble on
then there’s the kind
that writing’s just not for them

when you strikes up your light
cause you need a quick fix
expose me to second hand smoke
respect the great american smoke out****
please, no smoking today

i love to write
loud and long and vague
i love to write
about weird holidays here
the more i write
the more you celebrate
and the more i write
the more you’re a smarter you!

okay, okay, i know quite a bit of it is forced. but give me a break – i do have a life. i can’t just sit around blogging all the time.

*i love to write day

**national bundt (pan) day

***america recycles day

****great american smokeout

4 thoughts on “i love to write

  1. It’s “I Love to Write” Day? I’m so bummed out that I don’t possibly have the energy to write today! Drat!! But your song made me smile – so thank you so much!

    Now that Lulu day is over, I just want to say – if I were you, I would be TOTALLY wigging out about a rushed timeline. . . . It’s COMPLETELY understandable that you would be overwhelmed. I’ll keep my positive thoughts & prayers floating your way.

    Oh – I figured out about the tagging – will pass it on soon. xox

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