loosen up, lighten up day

i’m gonna take this one to heart. i’m all worried about this move thing. i find it slightly stressful that the time frame for the move has shifted greatly.* actually, i’m a little freaked by it. i keep going over and over in my head the things i have to do and the things that have to happen… it’s overwhelming. and i’m not even thinking of the little things. not only does all this stuff have to happen but life just keeps on keeping on. there are birthdays and holidays to celebrate, appointments to make and keep, i gotta go to work, bh has to travel and, oh yeah, we gotta move! but because it’s loosen up, lighten up day that’s just what i’m gonna do.

for 24 hours i won’t even think of this move and everything else that’s going on. i’ll day dream. i’ll watch soaps and eat bonbons. i’ll stare out the window. i’ll soak in my jacuzzi tub and drink a little champagne. i’ll have a massage and pedicure. it will be amazing. it won’t be a celebration – it’s going to be way too low key for that. i think i’ll take up yoga and meditation. i’m already feelin’ it – aaaahhhh…

oh, yeah, and if you believe any of that, i’ve got some property to sell you, i think that jacuzzi tub i’m gonna relax in is located there.

*it seems our move may have shifted from one j month to another. originally it was to be july and now, well, let’s just say it ain’t june.

edited to include:  in honor of loosen up, lighten up day (or lulu day as ruth kindly pointed out) my mom has said she will take care of all of this for me…  now, that’s a load off.

5 thoughts on “loosen up, lighten up day

  1. In honor of L.U.L.U. day (Lulu – how cute!) I’m going to avoid saying what’s on my mind about your move – that can wait for tomorrow . . . and I’ll ask a fun question – what’s being tagged? Thanks for tagging me – but I’m not sure what it means.

    LOL as we LULU in spite of our underlying urges to S.O.A.P. (stress out and panic). Deep Breath. 🙂 Smile.

  2. Oh how well you know me! Have we had the Lulu discussion? I am about as loosened up as I have ever been considering I can lose a gigantic piece of chocolate cake and laugh about it. As far as lightening up. I guess if I continue to lose our treats we’ll both get lighter, huh?

    Or were you refering to last night and loosening up, ‘cus that was yesterday?!?!?

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