this could come in handy



i can think of soooo many reasons to celebrate “i could use patch for that day”.

you know, like, i could use a patch to control road righteousness – and no, that’s not the same as road rage. road righteousness is when you are perfectly justified in your aggressive behavior, because who ever your anger is aimed at deserved it – see, not the same at all.

and i could use a patch for negative thinking – you know, something to block the everybody hates me, nobody likes me, i’m gonna go and eat worms thinking and replace it with the i’m good enough, i’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me thinking.

a patch might come in handy to block those pesky give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt threats – and trust me, those threats are real, you should be afraid – and i was just informed that if i mean it it’s not really a threat. i would like a patch to shut her up. winey – you know i love you 🙂

oh, oh, oh, how about the patch that acts as a filter and prevents you from revealing things you didn’t mean to reveal and saying out loud things you really thought you were only thinking. if you need an example see the patch for wanting her to shut up comment.

but i think most handy would be the patch that prevents the inability to act because i’m so overwhelmed with what has to happen to get anything done.


2 thoughts on “this could come in handy

  1. Gosh, I don’t think there is enough space on my body for all the patches I’d need….and that’s a lot of space, believe me!

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