finally, some winners

it seems i’m a little behind… but knocking on death’s door will do that to a gal. okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it was really, really bad. so i’m gonna announce two haiku awards. the first is for the car haikus and it goes to patios for writing a haiku that so well describes the condition of my own vehicle (and my life, too)

Car’s interior
of crumbs and toys and wrappers
mirrors our living.

the next award goes to hay for a fantastic epitaph…

A wave well ridden
The ocean is quiet now
to sea with the tide

and now we get to the new topic and today’s holiday…

i’m holding a little haiku party for the end of dear santa letter week so put on your party hats and blow those little blower things – lets get this party started…


i’ve been very good
jolly old saint nicholas
can i have a maid?

remember, the rules are here if you need ’em.

10 thoughts on “finally, some winners

  1. Thanks tm, I’ll pretend it wasn’t because I was the only entry lol!!
    Hmmm, *puts christmas brain on*…

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  3. Thanks. It’s nice to know that my disaster of a life — or at least of a car — is appreciated. Here’s to hoping this year Santa can pull through:

    Santa, you can help
    by giving me what I lack:
    My sanity back.

    It even rhymes! Woo-hoo!

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