the day we’ve all been waiting for… or not

it’s november 6 and who would have thunk it’s also saxophone day.  i’m sure for many that is cause for great joy and celebration, but for me it’s more of a good reason to ask, “huh?”  oh, but i’m gonna do my best to honor this one…

so we will start with a joke*-

what do a lawsuit and a saxophone have in common?
everyone is happy when the case is closed.

*the website i found it at said it was a joke.  there was a whole page of them and it’s the only one that even began to make sense to me.  don’t let it bother you if you aren’t laughing – i’m not either.

if that didn’t do it for you – how bout a little sax trivia…

percy grainger (who?) was an amateur saxophone player.

the saxophone is one of the most common woodwind instruments.

there is more than one type of saxophone.

lisa simpson played the saxophone.  see…


now aren’t you feeling all saxophone smart?

hows about i end this wingding with a picture of one of the greatest sax players of all time…


don’t let the end of this post be the end of your celebration.  see if you can keep the party goin’ all day long. 

good luck with that.

3 thoughts on “the day we’ve all been waiting for… or not

  1. Erm….interesting celebration. Our family are Simpsons addicts and often walked around singing ‘saxo-MA-phone’ like Homer, completely weird I know.

  2. You could have added Walter and/ or Timothy…they both play the saxophone…maybe I shouldn’t advertise! 🙂 Actually they are both excellent saxophonists.

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