haiku friday

no big announcement today, at least not right this minute. today is plan your epitaph day and i’m fairly certain mine will be needed soon… so haiku away.

good sharers my kids

i got it worse than they did

dream epitaph, no

if you need help, look here.

6 thoughts on “haiku friday

  1. Happy Friday, Mrs. M.

    I just discovered an old comment from you in my SPAM net….it was about the knitting patterns. So glad you’re giving them a try. I hope you’ll post pictures with your creations.

    Have a great weekend,

    p.s. will be Haiku-ing tomorrow….. thanks for the challenge.

  2. Of course, I meant to write, “It does sound…” “I does sound” is pretty bizarre. I think I should go to bed. Good night.

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