it’s finally here…

 it’s november and i ‘m going to take part in my first every naboplomo – for those of you not in the know before you say “bless you” you should know i didn’t just sneeze, naboplomo stands for national blog posting month.  that means everyday for the entire month of november i will post something – it might be a bunch of nothing, but it will be something.  i’m even gonna pick a theme and it will be holidays, most of them unknown to the general public.   here we go…

today, november 1, is national men make dinner day!!! how am i gonna celebrate when there is no man in my house you ask.  well, i have a gonna-be-a-man-someday in my house and he could do the cooking.  however, that would make it national mom clean the kitchen day because gonna-be-a-man-someday used 32 pots and pans and every single utensil to make some fantastic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  sigh… there’s always next year.

3 thoughts on “it’s finally here…

  1. I have an idea (being that I am manless too) : go out to dinner. no cooking,no clean up. the only problem is that there is still that whole kid wrangling thing.

    oh well, I guess you’re right. there’s always next year.

  2. Oooooooooh, a whole day where I could have gotten it all done for me? Hm. He must have known as he’s been out of town since last night!

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