halloween shmalloween

i hate halloween. and no i haven’t gone nutty – it’s not the candy i hate; i love the candy.

it’s the costumes. and the jack o’ lanterns. see back in the day when i was fakin’ it as super mom who does it all and does it well, and by golly it will be home-made (i’ve since willingly relinquished that title to some other delusional mom) i used to make elaborate costumes; we cut out jack o’ lanterns; put up a few halloween decorations; made halloween treats; etc, etc… so there’s now an expectation of the same and a lack of understanding from my progeny that i’ve become “do what it takes to get by” mom. i’ll still make a costume, but if you want a homemade costume and i don’t want to make what you pick then i get to pick. all was going pretty good this year, lb wants to be an angel, i can make that – buy a sweat suit (it’s always cold for trick-or-treating) make a fancy skirt and a pipe cleaner halo, ta da. tb wants to be a rebel, i’m thinking james dean, he’s not -we’re still discussing it – really, he’s 13 he just wants the candy. now ff, he wants to be some elaborate pokemon that i’ve never seen. he has tried to explain it to me, but i get a little dizzy at spikes on the back and a horn. it’s not a costume you can buy. seems a little unfair to say i won’t make it and we can’t buy it. we reached a compromise. he’s gonna be a skeleton. black sweat suit and masking tape. makes me happy.

next the jack o’ lanterns. bh usually handles those. any day during the week before halloween i’ll walk into the kitchen and see three pumpkins. it’s my signal to disappear for several hours. i know it’s safe to return home when i drive by and see the jack o’ lanterns lit up on the front porch. this year, bh isn’t here. i was planning on no jack o’ lanterns. the kids had pretty much come to grips with that. but all has been saved – it’s nanny to the rescue. while i’m at work today, nanny will be home with the kids turning pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns. she’s taking one for the team. makes me happy.

so come thursday this halloween nightmare will be over and i’ll be keeping myself busy searching for my kids’ hidden stash of candy looking for the mr. goodbars.

oh and for those of you don’t know, it’s october 29 and that means it’s internet day. go crazy, celebrate – stay on line all day long!

3 thoughts on “halloween shmalloween

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  3. I love “i’ve since willingly relinquished that title to some other delusional mom.” Heh heh heh. You are so far up on me. We buy the costumes, and hand them down from child to child. That’s why my youngest is wearing an Obi from the height of Star Wars fame…six years ago.

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