do you haiku?

drum roll please – make a drum roll sound on your desk or table or whatever hard surface is available, it will make the announcement of this award much more suspensful – the winner of last weeks haiku challenge is nadine.

Choosing a straight line
After going in circles
Dreams are taking shape

so what’s this weeks challenge? well, since i just posted about lb’s car date, how about anything car related…

The car it has died
Radiator cap left off

Silly, silly me

your turn… if you need help here’s how

9 thoughts on “do you haiku?

  1. in his car he goes
    a new adventure for him
    driving to sunrise

    staying in the west
    mom and children with their friends
    carpool is my life.

  2. I need to re-submit, apparently i am not a haiku expert. here is the correct word count…

    car blew a gasket
    was headed towards a casket
    running fine for now

    thank God for friends that can straighten you out – especially when you are grenerally a non-compliant.

  3. Congratulations, Nadine!

    my brother bought a
    big truck: yukon denali
    now i’m late for work . . . . . . LOL! will have to try again later.
    🙂 Happy Friday, everyone.

  4. I’m not sure what the deadline is. Does it run through Saturday (at least)? Here’s mine:

    Car’s interior
    of crumbs and toys and wrappers
    mirrors our living.

  5. never a car man
    city dwelling is his thing
    andy takes the bus
    – – –
    guilty gas guzzle
    but so in love with my jeep
    hybrids are too small
    – – –
    shiny denali
    is my brother’s new big toy
    new, tall, proud and loud
    – – –

  6. uh-oh —- just realized the repeat of “new” in my last entry……. must try again:

    shiny denali
    is my brother’s new big toy
    tall, black, proud and loud

  7. Thank you! Thank you! But I’ll probably have to pass the sceptre along with this one..

    Rego’s a killer
    Services break the budget
    Fuel costs make me cry

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