car date

last night was our kids’ school fund raiser at chuck e. cheese. and apparently the prospect of not having to cook dinner was enough to cause temporary insanity because we went- my mom, too. off for yummy pizza and games galore – got to earn those tickets. we get through the doors and we all get our arms stamped and lb is gone. off to chat with a friend from chess club. he‘s in her class. they spent the evening together, earning tickets, playing games, how sweet. then i can’t find her, i’m looking and looking and she’s no where to be seen. now i know she has to be in chuck e. cheese because we have the high tech security stamps on our arms, but i am a tad concerned. my mom decides to go looking – you know, because her eyes are better than mine. she heads off very determined to find lb – she starts at the back and makes a very thorough search of the place. she makes it to the front but no lb –  grandma’s not gonna give up, she’s determined. then she spies her.

so back she comes to let me know she’s found her and she wants to know, “how old does lb have to be before she can go on a car date?” why does she ask this? because lb is in a car. with the boy. alone. no chaperone. talking and flirting and, well, whatever else you do when you’re ten and way above the rest of the room in one of those plastic cars that’s at the end of the climby thing. down they come. it’s time for us to leave. ff has already cashed in his tickets for some cheap junk valuable treasure – the exchange of tickets for whatever is my least favorite part of these outings – tb has no tickets to cash in, he spent almost the entire night playing dance, dance. you don’t earn tickets for that, but man, he’s now got some moves. i tell lb to get a move on if she plans on trading her tickets, but she has none to trade. she’s given them to the boy, he really, really needed them. now these aren’t only tickets she had earned last night – she’d saved these tickets for the last few visits so she could get something big. and just like that – they were gone.

it might be best the bh is still busy with the kgb.

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