chatty cathy

every once in a while one of my kids will go out of his or her way to make me the proudest momma ever and every once in a while i’ll get a ring side seat to endure witness it and when it’s an opportunity to make me really, really proud there will be others there as well. it goes something like this. we’re invited over to some friends for dinner and another family that we’re friends with is also invited. we enjoy a lovely dinner, some good conversation and all and all it’s a pleasant evening. between us we have 9 children and 3 of these are teens enjoying the teen privilege of eating with the adults. of course, one of these teens is tb, and it hasn’t been too long since he acquired the t in the tb. and it’s probably important to note that of these three he’s the only boy. okay, i think that’s enough set up. oh, almost enough. i forgot one really important thing… and that would be that the friends who invited us over – well, the husband – he’s also a pastor at our church. now, i’m ready to tell my tale.

where was i… lovely dinner, pleasant evening, oh and then tb forgets to shut up. i mean he becomes the biggest conversation hog ever. and does he have things to share. i’m not even sure what he’s talking about; i’m trying my darndest to tune him out. but i become aware that all ears are on him. so i figure i better start listening too; and he’s going on about how they have a word of the day everyday at school and i’m not exactly sure why everyone is paying such close attention to him – i guess they’re just trying to be polite; they are awarded greatly for this courtesy, because tb goes on to say, “one day this week, the word of the day was b#$%@rd.”* i’m not sure what was said after that, it was like i’d been knocked unconscious for a short while and when i came to it seemed one of my fellow dinner companions had changed the conversation to what we were looking forward to in thailand. tb, who seemed to be totally oblivious to the fact that his mom is sitting right beside him twitching in a most unnatural way, jumps into this conversation with both feet – because he. can’t. shut. up. and he lets everyone know that the one thing he really isn’t looking forward to is eating elephant penis soup.

*for those of you who are now concerned about the quality of tb’s education – his teacher was appalled when i asked him about this word of the day. we’re not sure what happened, but an investigation is now underway.

and i do believe tb better pay close attention to what he’s served in thailand.

5 thoughts on “chatty cathy

  1. Wow, that’s a heck of a word of the day! And, yes, you’d best pay close attention to the dining options in Thailand. Very funny story told marvelously.

  2. As the hosts of this party, we think it makes a great story one we will laugh about for years to come. we love tb and think he is a hoot! What a great mom you are to just roll with the punches and not flip out in front of everyone and really it was a fun night and I know all the teens in the room just thought it was cool to be with the adults!
    We love you guys and will miss the laughter you bring to our lives.

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