rear window psychology

i’m not the youngest in my family so i have no idea what it’s like to be the last, the baby. i do know a youngest, but i don’t think he’s a reliable source. from what i remember he was the one who got away with everything and i’m pretty sure my parents thought he was the bomb. so trying to figure out how my youngest thinks and feels isn’t all that easy for me and my source for this analysis is a little unorthodox, but i think i’m starting to figure it out. see for the past 6 months, maybe even a year, i think something has been weighing heavy on ff’s mind. after consulting the best experts money can buy google i think i have it all figured out. he’s not happy as the baby. he wants what tb has… maybe he even wants to be tb. it’s kind of like when jacob stole esau’s blessing and since tb isn’t hairy, ff has found the next best thing. i will now produce exhibit a – and give a little bit of the back story.

here’s exhibit a only…


one day i was out running errands and i glanced into the rear view mirror and noticed something wasn’t right with the tb on the rear window of my car. i figured the sticker was coming apart. slowly, more and more of tb went missing. enough that friends had begun a tb watch and they would report to me anytime more of him was gone. i couldn’t figure it out. then i caught him – ff was scraping a small piece of tb off the window and cackling one of those mad scientist kind of laughs – i was surprised i hadn’t figured it out sooner. ff was slowly trying to blot out tb. peal him out of existence. now, i’m thinking if i was the baby and i knew that was never, ever, going to change maybe i would take some drastic measure. and the audacity of skipping over lb – of course, i’m pretty sure no one would really choose to be the middle (trust me, i know what i’m talking about) – to go straight for the oldest – what moxie. Perhaps he’s been doing a little internet research of his own and found this…

a child’s birth order position may be seized by another child if circumstances permit

and this is just the circumstance he needed.

then again, i could be missing it all together and it’s not tb’s birth right he’s after, he just wants the spot next to mom, after all, he is the bomb.

2 thoughts on “rear window psychology

  1. I’m sure ff would love to have a younger sister to torment. After all, he probably isn’t as successful bugging the crap out of his older sister. But a younger sister? Yeah, he’s been watching tb and ff knows what’s what.

    I adore this story. It speaks to me — fourth out of five as a kid and mother of three: boy, girl, boy.

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