do you haiku?

i’m a little nervous because i have to give an award of the highest honor… i’ve been working so hard on this speech and i still don’t have it quite right. but i’m gonna go ahead. (ahem, ahem – clearing my throat) the first ever “i haiku, do you?” badge goes to….. drum roll please… WINEYMOMMA for

no longer will he
drop his extras in my bag
he can carry his own

i thought they were all great, and really wanted to declare every one of you a winner, but there can be only one. (it’s one of the problems today, everyone wins, no one loses and no one knows how to be a good sport – but that’s not what i’m talking about today.) so congratulations wineymomma – you do haiku.

now for today’s topic…

it’s october 19, also known as evaluate your life day… so today we’re going to do an evaluate your life haiku. The only rules that need to be followed are the rules of haiku. just like last time, i’ll start.

not your typical
product of the eighties or
generation x

now it’s your turn, you can write as many as you want…

8 thoughts on “do you haiku?

  1. I’m always waiting
    for the next thing to happen
    I need to just live

    The grass is greener?
    Maybe I’ll live on a beach
    and skip the green grass.

  2. daddy’s girl, mommy
    air force wife-transplant often
    country girl at heart

    his high school sweetheart
    maroon and orange Hokie
    dance in life’s parade!

  3. Just for fun-Check out the children’s book If Not for the Cat.

    It is full of beautiful animal pictures and great haiku about said animals. My kids really love it and I must say I enjoy it too!

    Happy Friday everybody!

  4. Thought I’d join the Friday Haiku Challenge, even though it’s Saturday here in Australia.

    Choosing a straight line
    After going in circles
    Dreams are taking shape

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