so glad he’s home

 bh was relaying an email conversation to me that was between some of the people he works with and himself. all very important stuff – important, but not confidential or anything. and i’m trying so hard to hide it, i mean i know it’s extremely rude and i didn’t mean to, but i’m no good at it. and he catches me snickering – under my breath and i did try to turn my head so he couldn’t see. i couldn’t help it because the entire time he’s telling me about these emails every time he talks about it being an email he wrote he air types. you know, like air guitar, but not. we’re laying in bed and he’s actually got his hands above his body like he’s typing. i’m fairly certain he was hitting the right keys and everything. i kept waiting for him to hit the carriage return – if he had i would have lost it. after he discovers what is just so very funny he quits air typing. but he starts taaalllkkkkkiiiiinnnnggg veeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooooooowwwwllllllllyyyy. like he’s having to translate his words out of some strange typing language into plain old english and finding it difficult.

i’m so glad he’s home.

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