i just wanted to celebrate

i was set on celebrating yesterday’s holiday. and i was gonna do it up right. what could be more perfect? national grouch day and a monday – come on now, we’re talking off. the. hook.

how could it go bad?

it all started with that skype call last week, the one where bh said he’d be home sunday night, 4 days earlier than planned. and i couldn’t see through the euphoria to realize the negative implications that this held for national grouch day. i set about keeping it a secret from the kids. really now, how often do you get surprised – and i mean in a good way – by the unexpected appearance of a dad? everything goes as planned. bh gets in and the kids are nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads. the next morning the kids wake up, discover dad and they are ecstatic – i pulled it off. (and that i pulled it off is almost a miracle, i’m pretty much incapable of keeping a secret.) so i headed off to work all proud of myself. when i get to work i glance at my calendar – well really, i began an excavation on my desk and finally discovered the calendar – and that’s when i saw it. national grouch day. written so big it covered the entire square. i began trying to get in the right mind set. i wasn’t feeling it. how disappointing. i did finally start to get in the groove – about the end of the 2nd hour of a meeting that started at the exact time I’m supposed to get off work. the meeting ends, i head home – fully in the throws of my own personal celebration, for once able to appreciate the traffic at a major intersection that’s still under construction. i get home, walk through the front door, take a deep breath and oh, no… national grouch day is ruined. bh cleaned the kitchen. the entire kitchen. the kitchen i never got around to cleaning while he was gone. it’s all shiny and sparkly.

oh well, there’s all ways next year…

now i’ve just got to figure out the best way to observe getting the world to beat a path to your door week – it’s happening now.

One thought on “i just wanted to celebrate

  1. Keep writing just like this — that’s how to observe “get the world (or at least quirky women like me who love reading) to beat a path to your door” week!

    I love the framework of these little-known holidays…..it would really make a delightful book …. just as you’re writing it.

    So happy bh is back! Congrats on pulling off the surprise. 🙂

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