you want me to eat what?

i’ve always considered myself a fairly adventurous eater. until today – and i only read about this, i didn’t eat it.

i was reading the book this morning (for those of you who don’t know, the book is culture shock! thailand) and came across this –

“at first, the average thai menu, especially if it is transliterated or translated into very special english, may sound a bit strange; cow pat, eggs in horse’s urine, mouse’s droppings and elephant’s penis soup may not appeal immediately to every visitor. But after a few experiences involving raw vegetables, burning chillies and various strange parts of unknown animals, many visitors begin to enjoy eating in thailand almost as much as the thais.”

okay, i don’t know exactly what is meant by “very special english” – is it the kind of english that only uses descriptive phrases? you know, it isn’t really eggs in horse’s urine – it just smells like it, or they only look like mouse’s droppings, or possibly it only tastes like elephant’s penis soup… even if that is the case, it doesn’t make it any more appealing. and just the idea of “various strange parts of unknown animals” causes my palate to quiver – i think i mean convulse.

perhaps once we’re there we might wait to visit any restaurant that has an “average thai menu” until we have guests to impress… after they’ve tried it – if they are still breathing – maybe i’ll give it a try. but we should certainly never, never, ever, never tell the kids…

5 thoughts on “you want me to eat what?

  1. “may sound a bit strange” a bit strange? Nah, of course not.

    Really now, that sounds disgusting. But who knows, maybe it tastes good? I still wouldn’t want to try it either though.

  2. LOL! You are so funny. Good luck. And if all else fails, there’s rice…. plenty of rice to sustain you, I imagine.

    I’ve been working on addressing our “faith conversation”. It’s been tough because the topic feels so huge. Finally, this a.m. I found a way to start writing about it & have made some progress….won’t have time to finish it before I have to head out for the day, though. It should be done in the next couple of days. Thanks for motivating me to get this topic going in my writing. 🙂

  3. and i love rice!

    i agree that the faith topic is huge. i know i haven’t even begun to say what i’m trying to say or to get where i’m trying to go. but any start is a good start. i’m looking forward to reading your post.

  4. Don’t worry.We eat food from the foodstalls all the time. Thats what makes living here so much fun!! I avoid western restaurants haha..

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