brinng….  brinnnng….  brinnng….  (that’s the sound of the phone, well really our phone sounds more like the music from close encounters)  i’m just out of the shower and i glance at the clock…  5:55 AM.    i can’t imagine…  we have caller id, so i check it.  it’s gives an area code of 000.  i think a sales call at this hour? and i’m so ready to pick up the phone and lay into whoever it is on the other end.  but i’m really too polite to answer that way so i just say, “hello”  and it’s bh… he has loaded skype onto his computer so we talk for 1/2 an hour, we talk until 5 minutes before i’m supposed to be at work (being late to work seems to be a theme for me lately)  and we make tentative plans for me to go to thailand with him the next time he goes…  i’ll get a look at the new digs, well not exactly the digs, but where the digs are.  and more good news – bh is…  oh, wait, it’s gonna be a surprise.  sorry about that.  now we just need to make the thailand visit a little more firm, i’m already very excited and have everything taken care of on my end, well everything i can take care of right now. (yep, i did it all in 5 hours – talk about motivated)  bh has to see if it’s okay with the folks at his work for me to tag along…

oh – i discovered something fantastic this morning, too.  because i was on the phone my hair air dried…  after getting off the phone i go into the bathroom prepared to rewet it so i can dry it and make it look sort of good… and guess what… it dries amazingly.  what a great haircut.  it dried better than if i had blown it dry and tried to style it… 

today is certainly friday!!

2 thoughts on “skype

  1. Hi 🙂 Thanx for reading my blog. If there is anyway I can help, let me know ! Great you have a blog.. I’ll be reading it

  2. Okay-a first for me. Your phone sounds like the twilight zone theme when it rings. Only happier!?! Send me the password for Where in the world is BH?!?

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