do you haiku?

this requires audience participation…

it will go something like this: i’ll post a topic – either in word or picture – and you, yes, all of you, write a haiku about whatever it is. maybe it will be fun, maybe not. but i think we should give it a whirl.

what’s today’s topic? a murse -and i’m not talking male nurse, i’m talking man purse. so now it’s your job to post your haiku in the comments… yes, now… pretty please (how embarrassing, i shouldn’t have to beg) oh, and there’s a prize for the best… lookie

wouldn’t this look good on your blog? or in your inbox? or on my site with your name by it? oh, yeah, you bet it will…

i’ll go first.


a bag for a boy
with a strap for his shoulder –
masculine it’s not.

a few rules i didn’t include…  the competition runs friday through thursday…  so a new topic every friday.

10 thoughts on “do you haiku?

  1. men have stuff too
    but a guy can’t wear a purse
    so hence the murse

    i did google some haiku rules, but my eyes kind of glazed over, so if that doesn’t count as a haiku, just ignore me 😉

  2. Purses for women?
    Why not for men, too? Yee-haw!
    Purses…soooo manly

    I know I’m waaaaay late. I’m buried with all this haiku business and just now getting around to this. What a fun idea!

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