caller id

so, this past sunday the phone rang.  i looked at the caller id and saw a strange name and a strange area code.  i didn’t answer thinking if they had the right number and were really trying to reach someone at our house they would leave a message.  no message.  several hours later they call again.  now i’m curious and figure it might not be a wrong number so i answer it.  the gentleman on the other line tells me his name, i immediately know who it is and it’s very de ja vou.  being married to bh has allowed for family – by blood or marriage – to sort of drop out of the sky on a few occasions.  we – the kids and i – didn’t know his father or his half sisters until almost 7 years ago.  with these family members came their spouses, children and a half sibling.  all very overwhelming, but a very good experience, too.  this summer we attended a family reunion with about 50 of bh’s extended family that we, bh included, had never met and had a great time –  back to the person on the phone.  he is the half brother of bh’s youngest brother – in an effort to keep this from becoming too confusing i’ll call him robby-bobby-booby-butt (the brother we know, not the new one on the phone) – so he’s bh’s step brother (i’m talking about the guy on the phone).  i knew the name, have a general idea of his age, and a little bit about the family dynamic that happened when his dad married bh’s mom – he had no idea who i was.  i was shocked, but how must he have felt.  he knew the name that went with the phone number he was calling belonged to someone who may or may not be his half brother.  he ends up getting me on the phone – he sounded very nervous – tells me who he is and i’m like – oh,  yeah, i’ve heard about you.  and i’m still not sure i told him who i was.  i give him robby-bobby-booby-butt’s phone number and email address.  tell him i don’t think he would be put out if he contacted him and email his, this new relative’s, info along to bh.  i did forget to call robby-bobby-booby-butt and tell him.  so when this new found relative called – which i’m assuming he already did – he had no warning.  and now i’m left thinking about how i should have handled the call – asked a few questions, i did remember to ask where he lives, but don’t know if he’s married has kids or any other general information.  i could have told him a little about us.  but i’m sure bh will email him and do that.  i wonder if we’ll get to meet him – or if i’ll at least get the chance to make a second impression, because i’m thinking the first one wasn’t so great.

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