maybe i’ll learn something

bh did make it to his final destination and he was reunited with his luggage.  he gets to spend this week in the city we’re moving to.  based on his first impression, he likes it.  he’s gonna get an idea of housing, look at the two schools we have to choose between, and find me a starbucks – i know one is there, because it would be tragic if there wasn’t.  maybe that’s a little melodramatic.  i’m very good at wishful thinking. i was searching for blogs that expat moms living in chiang mai had posted and found my thailand diary. this mom talks about having coffee with friends in chiang mai. i’m hoping that bh takes alot of pictures. i’m trying to come up with my list of things i want/need to know before we move.  that is item number 9 on my to do list.  the only other thing on the to do list that i seem to be making any progress on is number 13… spend countless hours on the internet doing research. 

following is my current list of questions –

  1. what if our house doesn’t sell?
  2. salary change?
  3. where can i get a good cup o’ joe?

it’s not very thorough so if anyone has any other ideas for questions i’d be most appreciative if you would pass them along…

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