is it over, yet??

i’m ready to crawl back into bed or even behind the first rock i can find and hide until tomorrow. it’s monday and it’s the first monday in a long time that i’ve been able to say it feels like a monday. the morning starts with me running slightly late, not too bad, 5 or 10 minutes. until i get about 1/2 a mile from my house and run. out. of. gas. luckily, on the other side of the 6 lane road was a 7-11. problem solved easily, but time consuming. i show up at work 40 minutes late, oops. then i remembered it’s columbus day. i scheduled an orthodontist appointment for lb because at the time i thought, “yes, columbus day will be great. we don’t have school.” but we do have school. i happen to call the ortho at 9:15 a and discover that my appointment is at 9:30 a. we got there at 9:45 a. after i left work, picked her up and drove across town. then we waited – for 20 minutes. the appointment was quick and he did give me a name of an orthodontist who is certified by the american board of orthodontists and lives in chiang mai… that’s a good thing. we leave the orthos office, i look at the time and realize it’s almost lunch time and you can’t have lunch without the lunch lady (that’s one of my many job duties). what to do? what to do? take lb with me. she got to spend 3 hours at the high school sitting, luckily i had bh’s laptop in the car and the school has wireless. so she really spent three mind numbing hours playing webkinz. once i finished up, i left work a little early – just an hour and when you add that to the 40 minutes i was late, well, i can hope noone noticed -and took her back to school. where i’m sitting now… waiting… in a few minutes i’m going to pull my kids from class early because i have an all too important appointment. doesn’t everybody take their kids out of school early to get their hair cut? then it’s off to lb’s harp lesson. we were gonna be about 5 minutes late to it… but now we can call it 15 – 20 because i just realized we left her harp music at home and will have to swing by and get it… then we’ll still have homework battles. lb has a big project due tomorrow and tb hates homework. i have to feed them. we ate the last of the cold pizza last night, rats. then bed time… then mommy time, yep, mommy time with the laundry, mommy time with the dishes, mommy time with some board stuff, finally mommy time with the sandman…

is it over, yet?

One thought on “is it over, yet??

  1. Hey gal,
    Ruth from 30 Voices here…… I’m loving your blog! 🙂
    How on earth do you have time to write? You’re superwoman….so glad you’re writing, though…. funny stuff & such a wonderful way to capture all of these details that might otherwise end up forgotten.

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