holiday celebrate

if we took a holiday
took some time to celebrate
just one day out of life
it would be, it would be so nice
*madonna “holiday”

guess what amazing tidbit i came across on the ‘net? october is national sarcastic appreciation month. i’m almost distraught that i missed out on the first 5 days. as you recall, i’m inordinately stressed about the people of thailand’s abhorrence of sarcasm. where else but in the united states of america can such an awe-inspiring month of recognition happen? so i’ve decided for the – at least for the remainder of my time here (in the u.s.a., not on earth) – to recognize some holidays that are certainly unique to the good ol’ u.s. of a. i figure the best way to do this is to put them on the calendar.

for the month of october not only will i be celebrating national sarcastic appreciation month, but i’ll also be paying homage to national pajama month and self promotion month – who knew these existed!?!

wait, there’s more… i’ve already missed california ride share week (oct. 1-5) but since i don’t live in california that’s not the end of the world. but i am gonna celebrate national carry a tune week (oct. 7-13) – even though i can’t carry a tune – getting the world to beat a path to your door week (oct. 14-20), and kids care week (oct. 21-27) since i have no idea exactly how we’re supposed to celebrate this i’m going to go out on a limb during kids care week and go ahead and let the kids care for me all week.

on october 8th i’m most definitely going to celebrate national kick butt day, the 10th i’m gonna take my teddy bear to work and show my support for national bring your teddy bear to work & school day. if you’ve made it this far into this post then you might want to join me on the 12th for international moment of frustration scream day. there are a few other days worth mentioning… international skeptics day is the 13th, national grouch day is the 15th, evaluate your life day is the 19th, world toy camera day is the 20th, cranky co-workers day is the 27th, national chocolates day is the 28th, create a great funeral day is the 30th and national knock-knock jokes day is the 31st.

wow – i’m going to be so busy this month i’m not sure how i will get anything else done.

3 thoughts on “holiday celebrate

  1. if everyone in america would get on board – national pajama month could be something great… imagine all pajamas, all the time. you could fall asleep anywhere at anytime and be comfortable… no binding waistbands, no belts, no ties, no hose… nirvana!

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